Online training refers to a wide range of business training situations and a wide range of specific solutions. Following are some of the case studies that you can refer to:-

  1. Product sales update training – Train salespeople in many countries around the world on your new product launching so that they can start selling immediately with the right knowledge.
  2. Technical certification training – Provide on-going certification training to hundreds or even thousands of engineers to maintain their technical knowledge and accreditation.
  3. Professional competency training – Train an unlimited number of employees on company defined skills and competencies such as project management, consulting, quality control and leadership development.
  4. Business tools training – Train employees on business tools that they required to use on their jobs such as Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, or even accounting software at any time, anywhere.
  5. Technical skills training – Train employees on-demand technical skills, such as C++ programming, machine learning, data analytics and so on.
  6. Ongoing professional training – Provide on-demand training to an unlimited amount of employees in such professional skills as negotiating, running a meeting effectively, coaching, team dynamics and so on.
  7. New salesperson training on “How to sell” – Train dozes of brand-new salespeople have never been in a sales job before.
  8. New hiring training – Train multiple new hiring employees at a different location at the same time on what they need to know about the company policy, organization cultures, role responsibilities, and KPI.
  9. Informal technical training – Communicate leading-edge research via informal seminar.
  10. Legal compliance training – Train employees at several locations on government regulations and laws on topics such as workplace diversity, construction site safety and environment control requirement.