Effective Presentation Skills Training

Tween’s effective presentation skills workshop is a fun, interactive and engaging workshop that is designed to provide you with the skills and techniques to design, develop and deliver more dynamic and effective presentations. Enhance your current presentation style, reduce the anxiety that often accompanies talking in front of a group and delivers a presentation that gets results!

The secret to becoming a better presenter? Practice! We provide plenty of practice opportunity that culminates in a 10-minute session on Day 2 that will be recorded for your own review and self-critique. Coaching and feedback from our experienced facilitator and the rest of the participants is a valuable element of learning in this session.

The Problem

  • Fear of speaking in front of a group
  • Lack of preparation and practice
  • Ineffective communication skills
  • A scattered flow of content
  • Poor visuals
  • Unclear message
  • Not understanding audience needs
  • Trying to present “like someone else” – not developing your own style effectively

The Tween Solution

  • Learn how to reduce the stress and fear of presenting
  • Learn how to plan the structure of your presentation
  • Learn how to identify and capture clear objectives
  • Learn how to use proper visual rules to complement and clarify your message
  • Learn how to identify and capture clear objectives
  • Learn how to communicate to different audience needs
  • Learn how to create a dynamic opening

Presentation Skills Course Outline

  • Introduction to Presentations: Why present? Your role? The presentation process
  • Research: Collect information and know your subject matter, Understand Audience Needs
  • Planning: Create a purpose statement, get creative, organize the topics
  • Develop the Presentation: Create the presentation flow with the presentation development form, Begin with a Bang, State the Purpose, Create a Script, Develop Transitions, Close with Conviction
  • Develop Materials: Handouts, Reference Materials, Visuals Rules
  • Presenter Skills: V3 communication (vocal, visual, verbal), prepare for challenges, engage your audience, be yourself
  • Practice: How and what to rehearse, Steps to Reduce Fear
  • Present: Practicing Skills

Target Audience

Tween’s Effective Presentation Skills Face-to-Face Training Sales & Marketing Teams, Managers, Human Resources and anyone who is responsible for presenting information to others to gain support, reach a decision, provide data or sell an idea

Course Delivery Options

Effective Presentation Skills Essentials is available in the following formats:

  • Full-Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop
  • Multi-Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop
  • Multi-Session Webinar

The Tween Solution

Trust Tween to design, develop and facilitate your soft skills training needs.  When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized content and delivery

We customize our training systems to fit your team, department, and/or your entire organization individual’s needs.


Flexible scheduling

We deliver a single session or multiple sessions to meet your timeframes, work schedules, and employee needs/expectations.

Reduced overall costs

On-site training is typically less expensive than sending employees off-site. In addition, on-site allows us to develop common languages and terms that reduce communication issues when your employees are back on the job.

Immediate on-the-job application

Employees can immediately apply what they have learned.

Confidentiality is not compromised

What happens on-site, stays on-site.

Building cohorts teams

We can build cohorts teams that result in more productive, more efficient relationships.

Cutting-edge technology

We stay on top of all the latest technological developments in the industry, always bringing the most efficient and cost-effective methods into your organization.

Industry-leading experience

Our best-in-the-industry facilitators bring years of extensive experience and expertise to your company.