Building Better Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

Leaders with high EQ have been shown to add as much as 127% more value to the bottom line of their organization than average leaders. Not compared to bad leaders—but compared to leaders with average EQ. In this highly interactive one day course, participants will learn the fundamentals of EQ in a powerful and high impact method. When they walk out of the course they will be able to start utilizing and practicing EQ in their work and personal lives.

The days when intelligence was your ticket to success is gone. Current research shows that IQ along with skills and knowledge make up only 20% of what you need for success. Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient) is the other 80%.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a concept that describes factors that set successful leaders apart from other leaders. EQ can be defined as those skills that people use to manage their own emotions wisely, to help them achieve their goals and to manage their interactions with others in ways that maximize the chances of influencing others constructively.

The Problem

  • Managers and employees unable to influence their peers, subordinates, or superiors
  • Managers and employee ineffective when working with teams and there is a decreasing level of trust
  • Managers unable to lead people through change or to successful outcomes on projects
  • Consistently high rates of conflict on teams
  • Lack of understanding of how to communicate with people outside of individual’s “comfort zone”

Our Solution

  • Master the ability to communicate to any group
  • Understand the principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) Identify how the brain works when presented with stress or lack of clarity
  • Develop skills to increase communication between team members or teams
  • Acquire skills to manage yourself and relationships better

Course Outline

  • Define Emotional Intelligence: what it is, how it works, why it is important
  • Discuss what EQ is not
  • Introduce the 4 key EQ skills
  • Discuss the 4 EQ skills, utilizing interactive and fun exercises: self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management
  • Each skill discussion will conclude with work on developing an action plan for the participants
  • Review and discuss breakthroughs in EQ research
  • Complete action plan to implement learning

Delivery Options

Building Better Relationships with Emotional Intelligence is available in the following formats: Half-Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop, Full Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar

Target Audience

Anyone that wants to assess their emotional intelligence and learn how to manage and leverage it.

The Tween Solution

Tween can become your full-service training department, delivering solutions to all your on-site training needs. When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized content and delivery: We customize our training systems to fit your team, department, and/or your entire organization.

Flexible scheduling: We deliver single session or multiple sessions to meet your timeframes, work schedules, and employee needs/expectations.

Reduced overall costs: On-site is typically less expensive than sending employees off-site. In addition, on-site allows us to develop common languages and terms that reduce communication issues when your employees are back on the job.

Immediate on-the-job application: Employees can immediately apply what they have learned.

Confidentiality is not compromised: What happens on-site, stays on-site.

Building cohorts teams: We can build cohorts teams that result in more productive, more efficient relationships.

Cutting-edge technology: We stay on top of all the latest technological developments in the industry, always bringing the most efficient and cost-effective methods into your organization.

Industry-leading experience: Our best-in-the-industry facilitators bring years of extensive experience and expertise into your company.

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