Come and meet Dr Bugs Tan in person. He is a practicing inventor and will share with you the 7 steps one has to take from idea to market place. He will reveal to the path which will lead you to set up your own business.

What’s in for you

  • Learn from a practicing technopreneur himself
  • Acquire new skill on how to create brilliant ideas
  • Dr Bugs will share with you “creative thinking tools”
  • Learn the secret on how to secure a grant for your project
  • Dr Bugs will reveal to you the methodology to turn an idea into a business
  • How to get funding to go to market

Who is Dr Bugs Tan

Dr Bugs Tan has 16 national awards to his name. He received the National Innovation Award from the Prime Minister in 2007. In 2009, he was honoured in India with an International Excellence Award for Innovation. In 2012 he was inducted into the Innovation Hall of Fame at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 2018 Maybank awarded him the Unsung Hero for his invention of a mobile shower for the Homeless people in Kuala Lumpur

Over the past decade, Dr Bugs has created a string of indigenous inventions, of which some are sold in the market place. One of such good product is the Litewalk steel grating panels which are used on oil-platforms and heavy industry. He has also written several books on creativity and innovations

Contact detail: 017 3803 934